Rug Salvation Notice

As people don’t have enough information about the art of rug, and don’t know anything about restoration and how it should be done, there are some groups who take advantage of this opportunity. The result of their work will reduce the value of the rug instead of increasing it. If you are one of these unfortunate victims, you may now bring your rugs to us till we may correct their wrongs and bring them back to their original form.

Does your valuable piece have a lot of damages? Don’t throw it away! We will turn it into the original form and a valuable piece again!

If you don’t restore your damaged rug right now, the damages will get more and worse by the passage of time. Act now before it gets too late.

Every dollar spent on the restoration of your rug will add $3 to the value of your rug.

                                                                                                   Master Weaver



All work is professionally done by the master weaver

All dirt and dust removal:
Rugs may get dirty in many different ways:
1-There are always some tiny particles moving in the air which gradually will sit on the surface of the rug and won’t be removed by sweeping or vacuuming. Those particles, which penetrate deep into the rug, after settling down among the knots, will bring about a lot of damages to the warps and wefts of the rug.

2-The piles of the rug act as a brush while we walk on them and absorb all the dust and dirt from the sole of our shoes. These stuff after moving along the piles and crossing them will reach to the knots and damage them just like the way the tiny moving particles in the air do.

3-During the parties and celebrations at home, the rugs become more vulnerable. If some drink spills on them and causes some color run, while damaging it’s design and reducing it’s price, these should all be repaired and restored by a master weaver and nobody else.

Stain and smell removal:
Those spots that are caused by the spillage of some liquid will become harder and more expensive to fix with the passage of time.
Pet’s spots are unbearable as they have a strong smell. But don’t worry, we have many special techniques for all kinds of smells and spots. We won’t let your valuable pieces loose their value and will make them flawless again.

State appraisals:
As the third generation in this field of art, we can tell you where exactly each rug has been woven, and we are internationally recognized for their appraisal. We issue expert appraisal certificates for insurance and other purposes.

Method of washing:
We have a special technique for the long piled rugs. Those rugs that their colors are not permanent will be washed with a method so that their colors won’t be mixed while being washed.
Antique rugs that usually enjoy having vegetable dye, require a special technique.
First, we would bring all the dust and dirt out of the knots. Whether they remain inside the piles, they will turn into mud and when the rug dries, the mud will dry inside the knots, so it will be torn and rotten.

Padding and installation:
When the customer describes where is he going to lay the rug, by introducing the right kind of pad we save his time, rug and money.

Insurance claims:
In case of a disaster when the rugs are damaged, we are here to help. After visiting the scene, examining the rugs, processing different steps and insurance approval, we will restore your rugs to their original shape again.

This is our custom to ask our customers to write down their opinions about the job that we have done for them in a book. This memorable book is available for everybody to take a look at.

Pick up and delivery:
We would pick up and deliver the rugs whenever the customer asks for it. However, if the rug be of a small size or their home near to our location, they may bring it themselves by the appointment if they wish to.