Mr. Foroosh was born in Persia in the year 1939. For generations, his family who lived in the ancient city of Kerman, greatly contributed to the advancement of the art of Persian rug weaving. his father was a reputed master weaver, particularly skillful in the profession of restoring antique oriental rugs, and in this capacity he was frequently invited to international expositions around the world. He also taught this field of fine art at vocational schools and trained numerous Persian rug weavers and experts.

He was among brilliant students of his father. From his very early childhood he went to the rug workshop every day, watching and learning how his family members and other weavers worked this intricate art, producing Kerman rugs and restoring such antique masterpieces as Saroogh, Isfahan, Kashan, Kermam, Balooch Hamedan, heriz(Serapy) and other magnificent Persian Rugs, in addition to the tapestry, Abusson and Navajo for international art lovers.

In addition to his valuable hands on experience, he took a five-year specialized course in the fields of designing, coloration and weaving, as well as the techniques of restoring, professional cleaning, and appraisal of hand woven Persian, Oriental rugs and textiles such as: Tapestry, Aubusson and Navajo. After the death of his father, he took over the workshop and competently run it for over three decades, sending his exquisite products to markets all over the world.